What does a picture book look like before the illustrations are added? How do you combine the pictures and words to make a story? Is there an easy way to draw a character's changing emotions? My Skype visits answer these questions. To schedule a free 15 min. visit, please see my page at Skype In The Classroom. For longer virtual or in-person visits, drop me a note!

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You can order Lily's Cat Mask, or Pirate Boy directly from Penguin Random House at 800-733-3000. To order books from The Sadie Series, call 800-452-7236. And to order The Artist and the King, visit Alazar Press.

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For step by step instructions on how to make a cat mask, visit Creating Creatives. And scroll down to see lots of terrific paper plate masks.

See great a great slideshow of drawings by student artists! Click here!

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