Writer & Illustrator, Philadelphia, PA

Books and Exhibitions:

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Some of Julie's Books


Pippa at the Parade by Karen Roosa
Pirate Boy by Eve Bunting
The Sadie Series by Rabbi Jamie Korngold


Grandpa and Jake
Darcy's First Sleepover
Pearl Goes to Preschool
The Artist and the King
Lily’s Cat Mask

Author Visits

How would you create a book? Which words require pictures? If you were the artist, what would your characters look like? I like to read a few pages of a book without showing the illustrations, so that students can imagine how they might illustrate the story. I use simple craft projects and templates to encourage kids to make their own characters and adventures.

One half hour virtual visit is $350.

For school and library orders, call Penguin at 800-733-3000. For more information please send a note to juliefortenberry@icloud.com