How do you combine pictures and words to make a story? Is there an easy way to draw a character's changing emotions? My Skype visits answer these questions. To schedule a short virtual visit, go to Skype In The Classroom. For in-person visits, drop me a note!

You can order Lily's Cat Mask, or Pirate Boy directly from Penguin Random House at 800-733-3000. To order books from The Sadie Series, call 800-452-7236. And to order The Artist and the King, visit Alazar Press.

Download a Lily Coloring Page

For step by step instructions on how to make a cat mask, visit Creating Creatives. And scroll down to see lots of terrific paper plate masks.

See great a great slideshow of drawings by student artists! Click here!

Thank you, Creating Creatives and This Picture Book Life!

This beautiful handmade doll was created by Bella. Visit her shop Littles By Bella to see other beautiful custom made dolls!

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